#005 How Dr. Eric Becking grew his Facebook page to 32,000 likes by talking about shoes.

#005 How Dr. Eric Becking grew his Facebook page to 32,000 likes by talking about shoes.

October 22, 2018

Sometimes the biggest ways we can market our practice is by not marketing it at all, and what I mean by that is when we use our platform to bring awareness to something bigger than our practice, it ends up growing it in the end. On today’s episode of Chiro Business Builders, we talk to Dr. Eric Becking, who is on a mission to spread the Chuck Taylor Tuesday message to the world. He has used his social media platform to spread the message of love and friendship, and as a result, his clinic now has over 32,000 followers, and that’s in a city of only 39,000 people. And those followers not only hear about his message, about something as simple as a pair of shoes, but they also get to hear about what he’s doing in business as well. I know his message will inspire you. Let’s check it out now.

You’re listening to the Chiro Business Builders podcast, giving you behind-the-scenes access to the world’s top chiropractors and how they build and scale their business. Here’s your host, Tabitha Thomas.

Tabitha Thomas: Welcome to Chiro Business Builders podcast, the podcast with an inside look into the most successful chiropractic practices and how they got there. Today I’ve got with me Dr. Eric Becking with Becking Clinic out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. And I gotta say, Dr. Becking is an expert at growing businesses by establishing relationships and inspiring people to want to live their best life. He’s an amazing communicator and his passion and love for people is unmatched by anyone I know. He’s known for Chuck Taylor Tuesdays and parents getting real on Facebook Live. And y’all, he’s a dad to five amazing little girls, five. Five of them.

Dr.Eric Becking: Yes.

Tabitha Thomas: If you want to be motivated, check out Dr. Becking. I’m so excited to have you with me, friend.

Dr.Eric Becking: Man, me too. And I love that introduction, I need to probably hire you to just go with me when I go places.

Tabitha Thomas: Yeah, walk around before you?

Dr.Eric Becking: Even into Starbucks, like you introduce me and I walk up, I’m like “Oh, my gosh, I had no idea she was gonna be here, this is impressive.”

Tabitha Thomas: I’m for hire, I would do that gladly.

Dr.Eric Becking: Isn’t that fun? And it’s neat, you know, in my career, as far as what I’ve experienced to be important, and it’s always the packaging of the product. What you just did is you just packaged this product. Because if someone doesn’t get intro-ed, you kind of figure out if I should even listen, you know? And that’s kind of what I’ve banked my career on, is it’s important to create the atmosphere. Just like Hollywood does, they’ve got music, they’ve got sound, they’ve got visual, they are creating an experience. And I still, that’s what I do when I kind of latch onto whatever my mission is, is I really go about, how do I create the most powerful experience so that people are moved by it? Because if it’s not something like that for me, it’s boring. I don’t want to be a part of it. If it’s just rote, routine, just habit kind of stuff, and it’s not changing people’s lives, then it’s like I don’t really want to do it. So thanks for that intro, and I’m excited.

Tabitha Thomas: Yeah. Well, see, it’s stuff like that that makes people want to just follow you. So I actually got on Facebook earlier, and you’ve got like 37,000 people following you.

Dr.Eric Becking: I don’t know how that happened. Yes.

Tabitha Thomas: Isn’t that crazy?

Dr.Eric Becking: It is crazy.

Tabitha Thomas: I was just like “holy moley, are there even 37,000 people in that town?”

Dr.Eric Becking: There’s not, and those are all over the place. You know, it’s all over the US, and it’s just been from kind of a person, family member that lives in Arizona like you guys, and then they’re like there, and they’re connecting with people. Like “Hey, how’d you find Dr. Becking? He’s in Cape Girardeau.” I was like “I know, I liked something that one of my friends liked, and then now I listen to him.” So that’s kind of how it happens.

Tabitha Thomas: I love it. So I just want to talk about, so you’ve been a chiropractor for what, 15 years now?

Dr.Eric Becking: Yes.

Tabitha Thomas: Is that something you always wanted to do? Is that like that was your thing growing up, like “I want to become a chiropractor?”

Dr.Eric Becking: It wasn’t. It was not.

Tabitha Thomas: So tell me the story.

Dr.Eric Becking: So I had a hand accident when I was 12 years old, a farm accident. Worked on a farm, and I had a hand injury where I lost my index finger and then basically most of my thumb, and it had to be reconstructed, and I spent a couple years in and out of Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. With plastic surgeries and the hand therapy, and just everything that had to happen to get me back to normal as I could be. So that was kind of my history of being exposed to medical. So that was there. Having no idea that that was gonna lead to a career, but I ended up doing kind of normal stuff through high school, go to college, don’t really, still don’t really have an idea what I’m gonna do. Graduate from Mizzou, get married, we move out to California from Missouri. I always just wanted to live in California, so I was like “Well, we should just do it. We don’t have kids, and let’s just do it.” So we get out there, and I just kind of am in this place where I’m like “There’s got to be more than life. I don’t really have a mission. I’m just working a job.”

Dr.Eric Becking: And so I literally go to the library in San Diego, and I begin to soul-search. I mean, here I am married and already graduated college, and I’m soul-searching. So I just was like “Okay, if I could do anything …” And during that time I was listening to some Tony Robbins, Find Your Purpose kind of tapes, and that was back in the day of tapes, with a Walkman and … holy crap, that’s old.

Tabitha Thomas: You’re dating yourself.

Dr.Eric Becking: But he walked me through really finding your purpose. And so I said “Okay, if I could do anything on the planet, no matter what it takes to do it, what would I want to do? And almost immediately, I was like “I want to be a doctor. I want to have an opportunity to do what was done to me in my life with my hand therapist and my plastic surgeon.” They met me in a time of massive, just my whole world was kind of basically falling apart. And the way they took care of me and loved me, and just physically did the things that they needed to do, I was like “I want to do that.” But the only caveat was I did not want to work in a hospital. I hated needles, blood, surgery, ’cause I’d been through all that, and I was like “What the heck? What kind of doctor can I be?”

Dr.Eric Becking: So I’m at the library in the reference section, and I’m just, I open it to physicians, and I start just going down the list. And it was nuts, because I feel like chiropractor was like flashing neon signs. And I didn’t even really know what a chiropractor was, but it was just standing out to me. So I started investigating what that was. And it was exactly what I was looking for. Basically, the definition, it was talking about being like more of a healer, a natural healthcare provider. Just all these different things, and I was like “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to be.” So I studied that, I interviewed some chiropractors in San Diego that had graduated from St. Louis, Logan, and I just started down the path. And I knew that that’s exactly what I’m supposed to do.

Dr.Eric Becking: And that probably is, probably, the single greatest influence on, I feel like, my success, because it was my soul. I just knew this is what I’m supposed to be doing. And bigger than owning a business, bigger than being like a doctor, it was just like that was my mission in life.

Tabitha Thomas: I love it, I love it. So you graduate chiropractic school, and then what? Did you open your own clinic then? Did you go out with somebody else? What was the path?

Dr.Eric Becking: I rented a room, essentially, from a chiropractor in St. Louis, in central West End, and was just like, holy crap, it was terrible. I don’t even know, I would say like maybe a client like every three days or something. I mean, it was awful. It was like ghost town. I was like “What the hell? This is not good.” I was walking the streets, literally, trying to figure out, how do I promote my business? I didn’t know squat.

Tabitha Thomas: Well, they don’t really teach you that in chiropractic school at all.

Dr.Eric Becking: I didn’t know anything. Yeah, and I was just like, I just didn’t know. I didn’t have a clue. So I probably did that for like seven or eight months. My wife was working, so that was the only reason I could still do that, because she was providing for us.

Dr.Eric Becking: Hey, are we still on?

Tabitha Thomas: Yeah.

Dr.Eric Becking: Sorry about that, there was another call came through and I hit the wrong button. Hey, this is real.

Tabitha Thomas: This is, this is so live.

Dr.Eric Becking: So I’m sitting there thinking “What am I gonna do?” And I get online, well, actually, I think I went to the newspaper, just looking for potential opportunities to work, maybe work for a doctor, a chiropractor. And I find this guy close to where we are, where his ad basically read that he would kind of teach you how to run a chiropractic practice. And I was like “Holy crap,” I was like “I didn’t know that existed. That’s exactly what I want.” So basically, I went and interviewed with this guy, and he agreed to take me on as essentially, kind of like in a mentorship kind of a deal. And the trade-off was that I would essentially market and promote and really work in his practice. And so I did that for about eight months, and he … I mean, he literally, it was like a basic training intensity. Everything was scripted, I was recording myself, as long as I had permission from the client, just letting them know that I’m training and I’m listening this later to see if I did everything well.

Dr.Eric Becking: And we would sit and listen to my presentations with patients and he would critique me, and a lot of times would just get on me, like “Why are you talking so much?” He’s like “You’re saying this, that doesn’t even have anything to do with what you’re supposed to be doing.” And it was intense. I was in the community, I was doing talks on stress, and basically just going and getting new business. And I did that for like eight months.

Tabitha Thomas: Oh, wow.

Dr.Eric Becking: And I had to basically track all of my progress, and so we called it stats, I was keeping stats on myself. And he had kind of an idea of when I got to a certain place, that I was ready to go on my own. So when I did that, we started looking to see where I was gonna open a practice, and being from a small town, a consultant that I had worked with before him, he’s like “You know, if you really want to start a family kind of practice, you need to go home. Go back to your town.” And I was like “Oh, my gosh, I said I would never do that.” I thought it was like I was giving in and saying “Oh, I couldn’t make it, I had to go back home.”

Tabitha Thomas: Yep.

Dr.Eric Becking: But contrary to that, it was the best decision that we could have made, because we’ve got roots. This is where our church is, all these things, and it’s like this is our life. And so we came here, and we researched where to rent space. Knew exactly how we were gonna set up our practice, and he gave me, he basically told me “You’ve got three months to make it to a certain level, volume in your practice, or it’ll take you five years to do it.”

Tabitha Thomas: Oh, wow.

Dr.Eric Becking: You’ve got three months. He’s like, there’s this almost kind of like invisible timeline, where you’re brand new, you’ve got this energy, this motivation, natural momentum. And if you don’t do it in three months, like I said, it’ll take you five years. So literally, in three months we were where he said we needed to be. I think it was like 100, the average was like 100 visits a week. Which now doesn’t seem like a lot, but that’s what we did. And so for 12 years of straight chiropractic practice that I did, we were always … we never looked back, and we just were always able to make that happen, with marketing and with just the stuff that I had learned how to do. And then you get better at it as you’re in practice longer. So [crosstalk 00:12:39].

Tabitha Thomas: So what would you say … what would you say is your one technique for getting business through the door in those first three months, and even after?

Dr.Eric Becking: You know, there’s a couple things. I’d say number one is what he kind of taught me, is he’s like, and if we basically had, like our purpose in business was to help as many people as possible get healthy without drugs and surgery. That was our mission. Help as many people as possible get healthy without drugs and surgery. And he said is, you’re gonna help everybody. He’s like “You’re gonna help everybody. Anyone that walks in your door, no matter what they can pay or what they can do, you’re gonna help them.” And he’s like “It always works itself out.” So whether it be pastors or single moms or whatever else, I always made sure that I was taking care of people no matter what. And that was just like an underlying attitude that I had.

Dr.Eric Becking: And it never failed me. And it’s kind of like, there’s a guy I used to follow, Zig Ziglar, he’s been around for many years. And one of the things he always would say is, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll always have what you want. And it was the same mentality. Wasn’t about chiropractic, it was just about the kind of universal law of serving and giving. So in the beginning, for me it was really more about serving and giving. Even though, of course, you’ve got to make money, you’ve got to have revenue. But my mission, and again, like what I talked about, how I became a chiropractor, it was all mission-based. So it’s kind of contrary, because you think “Oh, I gotta be business-based, I gotta be all these things,” but really it’s gotta be service and giving. And once you’ve been doing that long enough, you build, you kind of amass this momentum that just happens, and you begin to see success. And that’s, I didn’t know that would happen, I was having to trust my mentor, but that’s exactly what happened.

Dr.Eric Becking: And even now, currently in life, I still apply those same principles, where I literally have to apply those. And sometimes it doesn’t make sense, ’cause you feel like you’re giving and giving and giving, and it’s like “Oh, my gosh, is this ever gonna pay off?” And it always does. You know, and a lot of that, I’m really spiritual, so I’m very faith-based, so a lot of my success is faith. I’ve just trusted God in places where everybody else looks at me and thinks it’s nuts, and it’s risky, and I was like “Yeah, it seems that way, but you don’t know what I know.”

Tabitha Thomas: Yeah.

Dr.Eric Becking: You know?

Tabitha Thomas: I love it, I love it. So I’m gonna ask now, how did the whole … ’cause the big thing with you, and if anybody knows you in the area, they know the Chuck Taylor Tuesday.

Dr.Eric Becking: Yes.

Tabitha Thomas: It’s a movement in our area.

Dr.Eric Becking: It really is.

Tabitha Thomas: So how did that even get … I don’t even know the story behind it, of how it got started and what it’s all about. And I just know I’m just on the bandwagon.

Dr.Eric Becking: I was glad that you did, and it’s, again, it’s another mission kind of a thing that I’ve gotten in my, I would say my whole life, as long as I can remember, probably six, seven years old, has always been about being a kind of person that’s like a rallier. I like to … once I get excited about something, I want to just rally everybody to do it with me. Because it’s more fun, and you get things accomplished. So that’s always just been how I am. And so just through practicing and seeing the people in my career, ideas come up and things happen. So I always wore a three-piece suit to work, and so a vest, and very put-together. Briefcase, leather shoes, the standard, like what I felt like was professional. And I even practiced in a three-piece suit. I mean, I adjusted clients in a vest. And most people were like “Dude, is that comfortable?” And I was like, it was for me, ’cause that was my uniform.

Dr.Eric Becking: And so what started happening was, that can start to feel a little bit stuffy. So on the weekends I would find myself kind of exploring my version of casual. And so a buddy of mine was wearing some Chuck Taylors, I didn’t even know that’s what they were called. But on the weekend I saw him wearing them, and I was like “Dude, I love those shoes. What are those?” And he’s like “They’re called Chuck Taylors, they’re like Converse All-Stars.” I was like “I like those, I’m gonna get a pair of those.” So I got a pair of black and white, just real traditional, and I started wearing them on the weekends. And I found myself just loving them. I wore them with jeans, I wore them with shorts, whatever. I just loved them.

Dr.Eric Becking: And so then I was like “You know what, I really want to just wear them to work.” But I can’t wear shorts. I was like “I’m gonna wear my suit with my Chucks.” And at that time, I bought a green pair, ’cause that was my brand’s color. And I said “I’m gonna wear a pair of green Chucks.” And at that time I was wearing funky socks, that was my thing. It was fun sock Fridays, and I had all like crazy, crazy socks. And so I was wearing socks, Chucks, and my three-piece suit. And what I started seeing happen with my patients of all ages is that people started talking to me differently. They were more playful, there was just more conversations happening. And I didn’t know why. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and then I realized, it’s like I’m wearing green shoes. They’re totally, they’re not intimidated by the suit guy.

Dr.Eric Becking: So I was like “This is awesome.” And so for months I just, and I was like “I wish we could get everybody to wear Chucks.” ‘Cause if it’s fun for me, it’d be fun for everybody. I was like “What if we had a day, one day a week, where everyone just knew, on Tuesdays, hey, that’s the day we wear Chucks.” You can wear them every day, which I do, but Tuesday-

Tabitha Thomas: I have mine on today.

Dr.Eric Becking: Tuesday … I have mine on too. Tuesdays is the day that you wear them. And so I was thinking “Okay, so Chuck Taylors Monday, Chuck Taylor Tuesday. Chuck Taylor Tuesday.” I was like “Perfect, Chuck Taylor Tuesday.” It just works, it flows, it’s simple, it’s catchy, and so that was about four years ago, and I just started just talking about it everywhere, posting about it, sharing about it, asking people to do it. And that’s kind of like my goal and my mission, is to create a world where everyone on the planet knows about Chuck Taylor Tuesday. And it’s amazing what happens. It breaks down … I mean, it breaks the ice. You walk right up to somebody that’s got Chucks on, and you start a conversation. You’re friends automatically. So it’s just an organic way to build an enormous community of people. And it’s not spiritual-based, it’s not political, it’s not professional, it’s not men, women, kids, it’s literally just people.

Dr.Eric Becking: And it just creates friendships that you would have never had before, because you see a person wearing Chucks that normally you wouldn’t talk to, and you’re like “Hey, I love your Chucks.” “Love your Chucks.” And you start talking, like “How’d you guys meet?” I was like “Well, we were at Starbucks and he had Chucks on, and I told him about Chuck Taylor Tuesday, and now they’re friends.” And that’s what happens.

Tabitha Thomas: I love it. And now it’s 35,000 fans later.

Dr.Eric Becking: It’s nuts. And our local newspaper and our local news station did stories on Chuck Taylor Tuesday, and I have pushed those videos to just get other people in other areas in the world, and to know what it’s about, and then to adopt, kind of like helping me move this thing. Because it’s just a bigger mission, like what chiropractic was for me, being a healer, is not like a weird, however you want to term a healer, but just someone that is a natural healthcare provider, laying hands on people chiropractically, but just allowing God to kind of use me to help. And then now as I do things like Chuck Taylor Tuesday, or we do a “Girl, You’re Amazing” piece where I’m really helping women realize that you don’t have to earn amazingness, you’re just amazing because you’re a girl and that’s just the way it is. And we kind of just break the competition of trying to keep up, you know?

Tabitha Thomas: I love it.

Dr.Eric Becking: And so all of these things kind of reflect the same common thread, which is just love, kindness, support, helping each other, and I feel like it’s gonna be a lifelong mission. And things like this, where I can share with other chiropractors and just people in general what I’ve done, maybe it will be influential enough to help someone. And sometimes it’s just simple, I think that’s what I would say to anybody that really wants to figure out, like what do they need to do? And it’s just get real with yourself. Again, to speak from your soul, your heart, your passion, and get out of your head and quit being worried and thinking about all the things that could go wrong or could happen, and just be right there with people. If you feel like you need to give someone a hug, do that. If someone says “Hey, what do you think I should do?” And in the past I would have been like “You know what, let me think about this,” or “You know what, let me look into it, I’ll get back to you.”

Dr.Eric Becking: And I was finding myself getting to the end of the day in my practice, and I’d just be exhausted ’cause I had done that with like 40 people. And I’m like “When am I ever gonna [inaudible 00:22:10]?” So I started realizing I gotta make decisions on the spot. I gotta go with my soul, my gut, and I gotta just, when someone asks me, I’m gonna tell you. Like “Hey, here’s what I think you should do.” Oh, my gosh, that’s a big deal, should you think about it? I was like “I did. You asked me, I’m telling you.”

Tabitha Thomas: Yeah.

Dr.Eric Becking: That’s it. And I started doing that, and it just freed me up. I no longer was carrying a bunch of stuff. And at the end of the day I was actually done, I wasn’t thinking about all these other things. And when you’ve got five kids and a spouse, like I want to be present. I don’t want to be going home thinking about all these things that I didn’t do, all these decisions that I’m putting off. And a lot of it was just fear. I didn’t want to make a wrong decision. But there really isn’t any wrong decision. You just make one, and if it’s not good, make another one. And then make another one, and you do it as many times until it gets right.

Tabitha Thomas: I love it. And talk about your practice, it doesn’t have to look the same for every single person. It needs to be unique to you and what is comfortable with you, and how you want it to look.

Dr.Eric Becking: Yeah, it really has to. And I definitely spent a lot of money with consultants over the years, probably my first eight years of practice I always had big-time consulting and mentors directing me. And then I realized that through all of that I really had kind of developed my own style and what I wanted to do, but I was scared. I was scared to do it because I’d always had somebody kind of telling me “This is what you should do.” And my wife was like “You know all of this stuff. And in fact, you have your own way.” But I just didn’t want to trust it ’cause I was scared. But then I did, and I think honestly that’s when my practice really began to transform, and that’s why I would advise even that. Now, when you’re going with your gut, with your soul, and you’re being kind of, in my opinion, just being led by God, and you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, it changes everything.

Dr.Eric Becking: You’re more confident, you’re just in the zone because you’re not having to wonder “Can I do this? How am I gonna know if it’s right or whatever else?” And it’s like you just know, ’cause you’re going with the same thing all the time, which is your gut.

Tabitha Thomas: Mm-hmm (affirmative), love it.

Dr.Eric Becking: So I hope that makes sense for people, ’cause sometimes people are like “What do you mean?” And I was like “I think people get that,” like don’t you just kind of know when your soul just tells you you’re supposed to do that? But you just do it all the time. It’s not reserved for that special big decision, it’s literally all the time, all day long. You could be at Target and you see somebody that you’ve been thinking about, and you’re like “Man, I feel like I should say something to them.” And then you don’t. You’re like “No, I don’t want to interrupt,” or “I’m busy, they’re busy.” But as I said, you just immediately go over, you say “Hey, it’s crazy, I’ve been thinking about you, and here you are. How are things going?” And at first they’re like “Oh, it’s okay.” And I’m like “No, really, is everything okay?” Like “You know what, I’m going through some tough stuff right now.” And then you just have a conversation, amazing conversation, and you’re like “How did that happen at Target?” ‘Cause it was supposed to happen. And when you start operating like that, you want to talk about changing a lot of lives, man, it’s like the most fun ride that you could be on.

Tabitha Thomas: I love it, I love it. So I’ve got one final question for you, and it’s one of my favorite ones to ask. If you could talk to one chiropractor who’s coming out of college, who’s thinking about going out on his own, what is one piece of advice that you would give them?

Dr.Eric Becking: Number one piece of advice, and this is from Tony Robbins, following him for 20 years, I think he’s the guru of human behavior and success. And basically he said, find someone that has what you want, and do it the way they do it. So you’ve got to find someone to model. And you don’t have to do it exactly the way they do it down the road, but if someone has and is doing what you see yourself doing, go there and figure out how to get under that person’s influence. And it may be working for them, it may be living in the same town, it may be … whatever it is. So like for me, Tony, I never had met him personally, but I listened to everything he has. I’ve read his books, I’ve been to two of his seminars, to learn.

Dr.Eric Becking: And so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and a lot of people make that mistake, I think. Go out and kind of just do, you just kind of learn it as you go. And that could take 10 years to get to a place, or you could find someone that’s doing exactly what you want, and ask them to show you how to do it. That’s what I did with my chiropractic mentor when I found him, and he showed me. He basically put me through a boot camp, eight months’ worth of intense marketing and all the ins and outs of actually running a practice. And it allowed me to basically save 10 years of just normal figuring it out as you go.

Tabitha Thomas: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr.Eric Becking: And so that’s hands down, that’s what should happen. You have to have somebody that shows you, and you gotta be able to prove that you can actually do it and not just hope you’re gonna do it. You’ve gotta actually know that you can do it. So hopefully that answered that, and I hope this helps some people, gets some people thinking. I definitely have tried a lot of things.

Tabitha Thomas: Well, awesome. I just want to thank you for being on here. You’ve always been an inspiration to me and you always motivate me, so I just want to thank you for being on here with me.

Dr.Eric Becking: Well, man, you are so welcome. I really am glad that you asked me, and you know how to make a dude feel like “Man, I’m excited, I’m doing some cool stuff.” So thank you for just your acknowledgement, and the kind words. And I know it’s the bigger picture, just like what you guys are doing over there is the bigger picture, is the more people we can help, the bigger difference we make.

Tabitha Thomas: Exactly, exactly. Well, if you like what you listened to today, make sure you do subscribe below. See you next time.

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