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The Tale of the Accountant with too many bills and not enough clients.

 How Cynthia turned her Empty Accounting Practice around with a simple, but powerful "VIP Business Card".

Part 1: 
The Accountant that was couldn't seem to get her office off the ground when she moved to a new town.


This is Cynthia.

(a cartoon version of her anyway)

Cynthia is a 9 year veteran accountant that had built a successful accounting practice in a small town in the Midwest, United States. She built a practice on top of her reputation of being fair, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgable of IRS tax code.

Her clients loved here and she felt like she really made a difference in their lives. Over the years she saw her work pay off in the form of watching her clients get more and more financially stable.

Things were going well for Cynthia and as time went on she had to do less and less to grow her business because her clients were always sending her new clientele in the form of referrals. 

In March of 2022, everything changed.
Cynthia's husband got an amazing opportunity and was promoted to the head of his division. That meant more money for their family and a job that he would enjoy more. 

There was just one problem. They were going to have to relocate out of state for his new position. Cynthia didn't mind as she believed she was going to be able to keep a lot of her current clients and she wanted her husband to be happy. 

They packed up their house, kids, and pets and made the move. 

Once they got settled, Cynthia got to the task of setting up a new office and building up a new set of clientele to replace the folks that had moved on when she left town (she lost a lot more clients than she thought she would due to the fact that a lot of them were very big on being able to meet up with their accountant in person a few times a year.)

The new town was tough on Cynthia.

Everything about this new place was different and it was hard for Cynthia to get out there and meet people. There were already well established accountants in town and it was really hard convincing these folks to give her a shot when they had been with the same accounting firms for years.

Cynthia's new office wasn't cheap and her bills were starting to pile up. She was getting really stressed and after about 5 months of little to no growth for her new office, she was getting worried.

She was getting desperate when something lucky happened.

The Night a random Facebook Post changed everything for Cynthia.

One night while Cynthia was browsing Facebook before falling asleep, she ran across a post from a fellow accountant that he had gone to school with. It seemed that her friend had recently gotten extremely busy in his office. The friend posted all about it in a private Facebook group and was now sharing what he had done that was working in his accounting practice  with his fellow ex-classmates.

It all centered around a special "Business Card and one page Mini website".

Part 2: 
The clever "Mini-website and Business card" strategy that changed Cynthia's Luck and saved her Practice.


Inside of the private Facebook Group, Cynthia's ex-classmate walked through the strategy that he had started to implement that had changed everything in his accounting practice. 

It worked like this...

The Special Business Card and Mini-Website Strategy

Cynthia's ex classmate had started giving out a special business card that was a bit different. 

On the front was a QR code and on the back it said "VIP Card" in big silver letters. Below in smaller letters read "In Case of a Tax Emergency, hover your phone over this card or scan the code".

When you hovered your phone over the card or scanned the qr code, you were taken to a simple, one page, website that had the following information.

A) The Accounting Firms Phone number, address, and hours.
B) The Accountant's Personal Cell Phone Number that could be called anytime after hours.

C) A message that said the holder of the card was entitled to VIP treatment at their office.

The real trick to this was what the Accountant was doing with the cards on a daily basis.

  • Step 1: 
    The Accountant gave 5 "Hold this next to your Phone in case of Emergency" cards to each of his best existing clients and told them to give them as gifts to their 5 best friends or favorite family members.

  • Step 2:
    He told them that the person they gave the card to didn't have to be one of his clients. He would answer the phone if they called and treat them like family and see them after hours if they needed it.

  • Step 3:
    The Accountant took these cards with him everywhere. If he met someone and they had a good conversation, they got one of the special VIP Cards. This was always a parting gift to people that he talked to and it was always something that people really appreciated.

  • Step 4:
    The Accountant spoke at the 3 major civic groups (Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary) in his own town and handed out the VIP Cards to all of the members each group as a thank you for having him.

  • Step 5:
    The Accountant signed up at his local chamber and made sure that each Chamber employee was given a VIP card.

After reading about the strategy, Cynthia got to work. She sourced the special "NFC cards" with the "hover" technology and printed the qr codes and text on the card. From there she started implementing the 5 steps with cards.

What happened next blew her away.

Part 3: 
What Happened to Cynthia's Accounting Practice once she started using the special cards and the "Mini-website".


Within a few week's of Cynthia implementing the NFC Business cards, she started to see traffic pick up in her office. 

Her few existing clients in the new town were handing their 5 cards out like crazy to their friends and family and it was amazing to see how many of them had been needing a new accountant.... but just didn't know who to trust.

The Chamber of commerce employees came in almost immediately for help with things and became a huge source of referrals right away. They kept coming back to get more of the special cards and passed them out to a ton of the Chamber members.

The local civic organization members also chipped in a huge amount of referrals over the next few months.

Since each new client was given more cards to pass out to their favorite people, this strategy quickly grew like wildfire.

Cynthia's little accounting office quickly turned into a big one!

Part 4: 
Want to set up your own NFC Business Cards and special Mini-websites to grow your Accounting Business just like Cynthia?


My team and I love helping businesses grow and we specialize in Accounting Firm marketing.

The best part?
You can get started with your own set of NFC Business Cards to use this strategy for around $100. 

Use the contact info below and call or text me. 
We'd be glad to hop on a call and get you set up with your own "VIP Cards" and get you the same kind of results Cynthia got.

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